Virtual Education - User Manual

1. First Steps

2. Mail Functions

3. Websites and OpenDocuments

4. PDFs

5. Presentations

6. Communication

7. Share and Delete Files

8. Basic Location Management

9. Customize Classroom

8. Basic Location Management

Clicking on the icon for the location dialog in the bottom user bar will open the location dialog popup window. In this menu you can modify basic functions of your location.

Please note, that every change to your location will only take place after you saved your modification and hit the refresh button!

There is a tutorial on HOW TO: Manage your Location available.

8.1. Name and description of the location

In the location dialog popup you can name your location and describe shortly what it is about in 256 characters.

8.2. Define Chat Range and enable the Voice Chat

In the communication menu in the main screen you can see the Range symbol . If the Range symbol is “green”, you can talk to the displayed user. In the location Management you can define the Range, in which user can communicate via VoIP inside the location. A recommend value is 30 meters.

After defining the Range you also have to enable the Voice Chat, so that users can talk to each other in your location. Please choose the option FreeSwitch.

8.3. Public or private location

Your location is set to private by default, which means your location doesn`t show up in the location catalouge. If you want to open your location to the public just uncheck the box.

8.4. Limitation of Users

You can also set a limit on how many users can visit your location. A recommended number is 20.

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