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Virtual Education - User Manual

1. First Steps

2. Mail Functions

3. Websites and OpenDocuments

4. PDFs

5. Presentations

6. Communication

7. Share and Delete Files

8. Basic Location Management

9. Customize Classroom

4. Embedded PDFs

Once PDFs are successfully imported into the cybaLOUNGE platform, they become persistant objects.

There is a tutorial on HOW TO: Upload PDF documents available.

4.1. Import a PDF

To import a PDF from your device, you can drag-and-drop it directly from one of your folders into the cybaLOUNGE browser screen. The PDF will appear as a blue rectangular with the caption “Document - click to read”. Every other user can now open the PDF by clicking on it.

4.2. Changing the appearence of the PDF

To change the appearence of PDF, which is represented so far as a blue rectangular object you have to click on the building tool or “Location Editor” in the bottom menu bar. Then you pick an image (JPG or PNG) from your devices folder an place it on via drag-and-drop on the object.

You can also change the position, size, etc. of the PDF-Object by clicking on the building tool or “Location Editor” in the bottom menu bar. The placement of objects is performed in three steps: rotation, position, scale. This process is passed through using trail-and-error. Numbers can also be entered as negative numbers, just add a ”-” in front of the number.

1) Rotation In the “Location Editor”-menu choose “Attributes” → “Rotation” → “Rotate Y” for an horizontal rotation. Use degrees to rotate the object.

2) Position In the “Location Editor”-menu choose “Attributes” → “Position” → “PosX/Y/Z” for the coordinates.

3) Scale In the “Location Editor”-menu choose “Attributes” → “Scale” → “ScaleX/Y/Z” for scaling the object.

To finalize your actions, please click again on the building tool or “Location Editor” in the bottom menu bar, to save your changes.

4.3. Deletion of PDFs

If you want to delete a PDF, look up chapter “7. Share and Delete Files”.

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