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Virtual Education - User Manual

1. First Steps

2. Mail Functions

3. Websites and OpenDocuments

4. PDFs

5. Presentations

6. Communication

7. Share and Delete Files

8. Basic Location Management

9. Customize Classroom

1. First Steps

After your successful registration, this guide will assist you during your first steps on the cybaLOUNGE platform. You can also take look at our Quickstart User Manual.

There is a tutorial on HOW TO: Register & get started available.

1.1. Basic Movement

After your first sucessful log-in, your avatar will show up in a virtual world (or location). At first, try to move your avatar by clicking into your browser window and use the cursor buttons (Alt.: WASD). By holding SHIFT and using the cursor buttons at the same time, your avatar is able to move fast. You can change your perspective by using “Free Camera Mode” in the bottom menu bar. To leave the “Free Camera Mode” press “Escape”.

1.2. Communication

There are several ways to communicate wthin the cybaLOUNGE platform:

  • Region Chat

You can use the “Text Chat” in the bottom menu bar to communicate with all users in the current location. To send a message hit the “Send” button or “enter” on your keyboard.

  • Voice Chat

To activate the voice chat in the room hit the “Toggle Voice Chat” button. Then you are able to talk to every person in range within the location. If the Range symbol is “green” , you can talk to the user. Enable “Mute/Unmute” in the communications menu.

1.3. Interaction

You can interact with several objects on the cybaLOUNGE platform. When you are able to interact with objects your mouse cursor changes from an arrow to a hand .

  • Video, Audio, Text presentations

The cybaLOUNGE platform supports lots of different types of media. If a message on a surface says “Click to start video/audio”, then there is media content available for you.

1.4. (Change Avatar)

You want a different appearance? Just click on the “Customize Avatar” button in the bottom menu bar and choose one of the avatars available.

1.5. Support/Help/Troubleshooting

  • Hit the help button to open the user guide.
  • Use the Frequently Asked Questions section.
  • If you need support - drop us a mail or visit the virtual office.
  • If you are stuck in a location and nothing works, hit the refresh button .

1.6. Change Location

On every cybaLOUNGE server there are different locations to explore. To travel between locations, you have to click on the “Location Catalog” on the bottom menu bar. In the follow-up menu, you can select a location out of different categories like public, social, etc.

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