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Virtual Education - User Manual

1. First Steps

2. Mail Functions

3. Websites and OpenDocuments

4. PDFs

5. Presentations

6. Communication

7. Share and Delete Files

8. Basic Location Management

9. Customize Classroom

7. Share Files

There is a tutorial on HOW TO: Upload and delete files available.

This chapter will explain how to share files, delete files and enable guests to share files on the cybaLOUNGE platform. In general only the owners or admins of a location are permitted to share and delete files. Supported formats for files:

7.1. Drag and Drop

To upload a file into a location on the cybaLOUNGE platform, just open the folder on your device, select the file, drag and drop it into the location. The file you imported will shown as an 3D representation in the location (see picture below). Now other persons can click on the representation and the file is downloaded in the local download folder. (Note: Uploading supported data formats means that you create an permanent object in the location. ⇒ Delete see Chapter 2.3.)

7.2. Enable Share Files for Guests

If you want to enable a guest to upload data in your location you have to choose the “File Share” option. This allows the guest to import files into your location. If the “File Share” symbol changes from black ⇒ grey , the file share for guests is active. The change of the symbol is also shown in the interface of the guest.

7.3. Deleting Files

When files are uploaded into your location, they become permanent objects. Consequently you should delete every sensitive data after the exchange. By activating the “Location Editor” in the bottom tool bar, you can select the representation of the file. The selection is shown by white horizontal and vertical lines, which are passing through the object (see picture below).

After the sucessful selection the “Location Editor” menu will appear on the right side of the cybaLOUNGE interface. In this menu you click on the “Actions” tab and the select “Remove Element”. Finally a window will The process of deletion will be complete, when you disable the “Location Editor” by hitting the “Location Editor” symbol again, to leave the editor menu.

“Actions” ⇒ “Remove Element”

Finally a window will ask for confirmation. The process of deletion will be complete, when you disable the “Location Editor” by hitting the “Location Editor” symbol again, to get back in normal mode.

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