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Virtual Education - User Manual

1. First Steps

2. Mail Functions

3. Websites and OpenDocuments

4. PDFs

5. Presentations

6. Communication

7. Share and Delete Files

8. Basic Location Management

9. Customize Classroom

5. Presentations

The advanced “Presenter” feature on the cybaLOUNGE platform is able to combine various formats (PDFs, Slides, Videos, Websites, etc.) from web sources as one presentation.

In general the new presenter is a container for a set URLs, meaning everything that can and will be displayed is identified by a unique web address. This allows to use (almost) any web page or to store images and other content on a file share like DropBox or OneDrive for example.

The administrative tools of the new presenter allow to add and manage the URLs “pointing” to the presenter’s content.

There is a tutorial on HOW TO: Use the presenter available.

5.1. Add the Presenter

Add the “Presenter” to your location by opnening up the the “Location Editor” or “Builders Menu” and choose in the “Location Editor”-menu “Primitives” → “Special” → “Adv Presenter”. The “Presenter” oblect will appear in front of your avatar.

5.2. Placement of the Presenter

The next step is the placement of the “Presenter”, according to your needs. The placement of the “Presenter” is performed in three steps: rotation, position, scale. This process is passed through using trail-and-error. Numbers can also be entered as negative numbers, just add a - (= minus) in front of the number.

1) Rotation In the “Location Editor”-menu choose “Attributes” → “Rotation” → “Rotate Y” for an horizontal rotation. Use degrees to rotate the object.

2) Position In the “Location Editor”-menu choose “Attributes” → “Position” → “PosX/Y/Z” for the coordinates.

3) Scale In the “Location Editor”-menu choose “Attributes” → “Scale” → “ScaleX/Y/Z” for scaling the object.

Close the “Location Editor” in the bottom tool bar by clicking on the symbol to finalize your the placement of the “Presenter”.

5.3. Add Content to the Presenter

After the sucessful placement click once on the “Presenter” object in the cybaLOUNGE environment. The “Presenter HUD” menu will pop up on the upper left side of the interface and you can start to add your content.

The five icons represent five actions, which can be triggered individually:

• ARROWS LEFT: Move to the previous slide

• PLAY: Start an automatic slide show

• ARROWS RIGHT: Move to the next slide

• DOT: Close the HUD

• MENU: Open the advanced menu (for users with administrator rights only)

Management of the presentation features:

• ADD: Adds the URL in the input field (right to the button) to the list of addresses Alternatively: if this dialog is open and you are dragging a URL (from your browser’s address bar) into this window, then the address will also appear in the input field.

• DELETE: Deletes the highlighted entry from the URL list

• UP: Moves the highlighted entry one position up in the URL list

• DOWN: Moves the highlighted entry one position down in the URL list

5.4. Start the Presentation

Press “Play” in the “Presenter HUD” to show the first slide of your content and use “ARROWS RIGHT/LEFT” to switch between the slides.

To end the presentation hit the “DOT” button.

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