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Quickstart User Manual

1. Log-In

2. User Interface

3. Basic Movement and Interaction

4. Communication


4. Communication

Communication lies at the heart of the cybaLOUNGE platform, offering various channels for users to connect. Find communication functions conveniently located on the bottom menu bar, with additional options available in the Communications Menu at the upper left corner of the interface.

To activate the Communications Menu, click the “Toggle Voice Chat” button on the bottom menu bar. Once the button turns green and an automated voice confirms “You are now unmuted,” you can engage in voice conversations with users within range.

4.1. Text Chat

There are several ways to communicate via text on the cybaLOUNGE platform.

4.1.1. Region Chat

  • Open the chat window in the bottom menu bar by clicking the “Display Chat Window” button.
  • Interact with all users in the current location. Send messages using the “Send” button or by pressing “enter” on your keyboard.
  • Copy the conversation from the text chat using the “Copy” button.

4.1.2. 1-to-1 Chat

Initiate a private 1-to-1 chat by selecting the “Private Chat” button in the Communications Menu, located on the right side of the user you wish to communicate with. This menu is accessible in the upper left corner, listing all users in the same location.

In the follow-up menu, you can have a private conversation with the user you choose to speak to.

4.2. Voice Chat

Activate voice chat in the room by clicking the “Toggle Voice Chat” button. Engage in conversations with everyone within range, indicated by a “green” Range symbol.

Use the “Mute/Unmute” option in the communications menu to control your audit status.

4.2.1. Private Call

For a private voice conversation, enable the “Private Call” function in the communications menu.

4.2.1. Video Call

Engage in a video call with another user by enabling the “Private Video Call” function in the communications menu.

Quickstart User Manual

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