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Quickstart User Manual

1. Log-In

2. User Interface

3. Basic Movement and Interaction

4. Communication


1. Log-In

There is a video tutorial on HOW TO: Register & get started available.

You can use the cybaLOUNGE platform as a registered user or as a guest. On the landing page of the cybaLOUNGE platform you can log-in, register, search for upcoming events and visit our blog. When you first come to cybaLOUNGE, that is what you see:

This picture explains what the icons all do:

1.1. Guest Log-In

If you just want to have a first look into the cybaLOUNGE platform or you just are attending to an one time event, then you choose the “GUEST LOGIN” option.

1) Click onto the LOGIN button.

2) Choose the “GUEST LOGIN“ in the follow up menu. Then you can enter your name and choose an avatar.

3) You can choose your first avatar by using the slider. There are several different gender and outfit choices. You can change your avatar easily later, if you are not happy with your choice.

1.2. Create an account / register yourself

If you want to become a registered member, with your own location and many other advantages, you just have to register yourself.

1) Click on the “Register Yourself” button.

2) Enter your avatar name and your password twice and your e-mail address in the spaces provided.

3) Accept the terms and conditions and hit the “Register“ button.

4) Verify your account via the activation link in the e-mail you receive.

5) You are now a registered member of cybaLOUNGE!

6) Proceed with the log-in as a registered user and click onto the LOGIN button.

Quickstart User Manual

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