Quickstart User Manual

1. Log-In

2. User Interface

3. Basic Movement and Interaction

4. Communication


3. Basic Movement and Interaction

In the cybaLOUNGE world you can move with an avatar. Your avatar is able to walk, run, fly and travel between locations.

3.1. Moving around

Walking (Alt.: WASD) Like in every simulated 3D environment, you can simply navigate by using the cursor buttons.

Running By holding SHIFT and using the cursor buttons at the same time, your avatar is able to run.

Fly Mode on/off (for up: “e“; for down: “x“) Your avatar is also able to fly. By enabling the “Fly Mode” in the top menu bar, you can navigate with the cursor buttons. If you want to rise up press “e“ and if you want to get down press “x“.

3.2. Looking around

To look around use the left and right arrow keys. To zoom in and out use your scroll wheel. To look up and down and around zoom in till the avatar is not in the screen and move the mouse.

Sometimes you might want to take a closer look at objects or change your point of view. In order to do this you have to enable the “Free Camera Mode” in the bottom menu bar. By using the the right mouse button to zoom in and the left mouse button to zoom out, you can take a closer look on objects. Over the cursor buttons you can handle your point of view. To leave the “Free Camera Mode” press “Escape”.

3.3. Changing Locations

On every cybaLOUNGE server there are different locations to explore. To travel between locations, you have to click on the “Location Catalog” on the bottom menu bar. In the follow-up menu, you can select a location out of different categories like public, social, etc:

3.4 Interaction

On the cybaLOUNGE platform interactions with various objects are possilble. When you are able to interact with objects your mouse cursor changes from an arrow to a hand .

3.4.1. Video, Audio, Text presentations

The cybaLOUNGE platform supports lots of different types of media. If a message on a surface says “Click to start video/audio”, then there is media content available for you.

3.4.2. Sitting

In many rooms on the cybaLOUNGE platform you are able to sit down and have a chat. If an object, like a chair, has a “dot” on his surface, then you are able to sit down.

If you want to switch back to the normal mode hit the “Stop Animation” button in the upper right corner of the interface.

3.4.3. Teleportation

In some locations you might find a teleporter, which allows you to travel inside a location from one point to the other without walking.

The teleporters are usually featured as a sphere and if you scroll over them the cursor changes from an arrow to a hand .

After clicking on the teleporter you a pop-up window will appear, in that you have to confirm your action. The teleportation will take place after your confirmation.

Quickstart User Manual

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