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Avatar Creation Guide

This is an guide for advanced/experienced users!


  1. MakeHuman 1.1.1: download
  2. Blender 2.79b: download
  3. Blender-Plugins:
  • MakeHuman: Import-Runtime: MakeHuman Exchange 2: download
  • Import-Export: glTF 2.0 format: download

Export MakeHuman

After the avatar has been created in MakeHuman it has to be exported. Important points:

  • Select Geometries > Eyes > Low-poly
  • Select Pose/Animate > Skeleton > Default
  • Select Topologies none
  • Select no teeth/tongue
  • Material > Skin > select something (not default)
  • Export as .mhx2 with scale units = “centimeters”

Conversion to GLTF

Installed in Blender 2.79b with GLTF exporter from Khronos Group and mhx2 importer:

  • Import Avatar as mhx2
  • Remove the check mark for “Transparency” for each material / Exception: eyebrows, hair, eyelashes. Leave “Transparency” checked, but set Alpha to 1
  • Delete Cube, Camera, Lamp
  • Click Export as GLTF
  • In export settings under “Embedding” check the box for: [✔] Embed buffers [✔] Embed image
  • and convert it to a ZIP file called if you want to test the avatar, the file itself must be called avatar.gltf

Import in Metaverse/cybaLOUNGE

Now simply drag the exported GLTF file (as a ZIP file named: into the browser window (if the world is loaded) The rest happens automatically. The file in the ZIP must be named avatar.gltf.

**This is not a persistent solution for avatars! If you have created an avatar, sucessfully tested it and you want to put them into the avatar library, then: Drop us a Mail

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